Khadija Hasanli, epee fencer of Azerbaijan national team achieved 8th place among 165 fencers in European Cadet Circuit international tournament held in Belgrade, Serbia. Successfully finishing the group stage, Khadija held fight against her teammate Nazile Rahimova who gained 5 wins in group stage. Khadija won 15:14 and advanced to quarterfinal. Beating opponents from Ukraine and Hungary, she ranked in top-8. Khadija lost to Hungarian fencer and didn’t won bronze medal in European Cadet Circuit. Finishing the group stage with 4 victories, Alfiya Abdinova lost to Russian fencer in play-off stage. Only with one victory in group stage, Aynur Guliyeva early left the tournament. Azerbaijan cadet women epee team lost to Hungary-2 31:45.

Azerbaijan men epee team lost in play-off stage in Belgrade. Orkhan Hasanli with 5 wins, Raul Aruslanov 4 wins and Jamil Hidayetov 2 wins in individual competition of European Cadet Circuit international tournament and all of 3 epee fencers advanced to play-off stage. but they lost to their opponents in this stage. in team competitions, our men epee team won 45:28 against Greece-4 team, but failed to win against Romania team in their second fight.      

October 24, 2021

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